ZaanU Donates Headphones to 7th Grade Graduates of the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy

It’s always our goal to give back to the community. We’re so proud of the 7th graders at the National’s Youth Organization graduating and moving onto the next grade! 

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On May 4, 2019, 7th-grade participants of The Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy after school program celebrated their graduation. To commemorate the achievement, Nick Duckwall, co-founder at ZaanU headphones, headed out to congratulate the kids by donating a pair of headphones to each of the successful graduates and their hard-working mentors.

“I wanted to commemorate this special occasion by giving them a free pair of our headphones, as it is my goal to work with programs that benefit the less fortunate. Some from the younger grades were able to join so they got some headphones as well, along with their amazing supportive staff. I thought them having it as well would only be appropriate since they spent their time trying to better the lives of these young students,” said Nick.

The Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy is a youth organization that uses baseball and softball to nurture positive character building, academic achievement, and improved health among young from underserved communities in Washington, DC. 

“It’s been really cool to see the kids and staff walking around with their headphones on and enjoying them!,” shared Zack Jamison, Senior Manager of the Education Program at the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy.

Nick responded, “I think one of the best feelings I've received in a long time was when the coordinator sent me an email telling me how much the students and staff were enjoying the headphones. The day I handed them out, the kids didn't know what to make of it and seemed apprehensive since it wasn't the luxury brands they normally longed for. But upon hearing the positive reaction, It made me feel like I achieved what I had set out to do, to give kids the opportunity to feel good about themselves.”

Sponsored by the MLB and Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the mentorship program runs out of a nine-acre education and recreation facility in Washington DC’s Fort Dupont Park in Ward 7. Here, children have mentors and teachers from their own community to support and lead them.

Physical exercise is good for health, but that’s not the only benefit. Sports like baseball and softball at a young age improve academic performance, teach teamwork, boost self-esteem, and help kids loosen up and relieve stress.

However, children who come from underserved communities may not have the opportunity to play sports like baseball or software due to economics. Thanks to programs like these, kids like the 7th graders at the National’s Youth Organization have the chance to learn and grow through community mentorship and team sports.

Donate today to help support the activities of the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy.

Nick Duckwall