FAQ - What are the best custom headphones?

Looking for the answer to what are the best custom headphones? With ZaanU, you can show the world who U are and personalize headphones with removable disks of your favorite sports teams and band logos, or design your own one-of-a-kind custom-made disks.

Not convinced? Keep reading to find out why ZaanU rivals the comfort, quality, and style of expensive headphones, without the hefty pricetag.

What makes ZaanU headphones different than the earbuds I already have?

ZaanU earbud enhancers are a game changer when it comes to how you listen to your music, especially if you’re like us, and love turning up the volume to hear every detail. ZaanU headphones contain a unique chamber that enhances the sound quality of your earbuds. Insert your earbuds and listen to an amplified version of your favorite tracks. You’ll hear nuances of your music and audio like never before for a truly surround sound experience. 

How do ZaanU headphones enhance sound quality?

What are the best custom headphones to buy if you already have earbuds? The current Samsung and iPhone earbuds have a second small bass speaker that rests against your earlobes. The problem is when you’re in motion, you lose a lot of the bass due to the speakers moving around. With the ZaanU headphones, we capture the bass and naturally amplify it back to your ears allowing you to feel that bass vibration!

Seriously though, how do they sound?

An awesome and important question. Every one of our models first tested it before putting their names behind it, plus we have had over 100 beta testers who gave us their approval. So if you want to know what are the best custom headphones for music. ZaanU earbud enhancers truly give a surround sound effect.

How can I create custom headphones?

With ZaanU, you can customize headphones and headsets with removable, magnetic disks made out of premium stainless steel. Personalize each disk with your favorite sports teams and band logos, or design your own one-of-a-kind, custom-made disks. Headphones also come with attachments for DJs, gaming, music listening, and studio recording.

Love it... but can I afford them?

ZaanU headphones match the quality and sophistication of luxury brands without the expensive pricetag. Costing just $49.99, ZaanU headphones are designed with high-end audio engineering by a former Apple engineer. Simply insert your earbuds and enjoy an impressive surround sound experience.

But are they comfortable?

They’re way more comfortable than your earbuds. You won’t have those aches like every time you listen with earbuds for too long. ZaanU headphones are made from a soft padded cushion promising lasting comfort throughout your listening experience. The headphones contain earbuds inside a chamber improving the comfort of your earbuds and reducing strain on the ears.

How do the headphones even work?

ZaanU headphones contain a proprietary chamber where you can insert your earbuds. Then our custom headphones capture the base and redirect audio back to your ears, creating a surround sound experience.

Which earbuds can I use with ZaanU headphones?

We built ZaanU headphones to work with nearly all wire or wireless earbuds as the source of the audio. The iPhone and Samsung dual channel earbuds work especially well as our headphones capture the bass and redirect it back to your ears, providing a surround sound experience.

What are ZaanU headphones best used for?

ZaanU headphones enhance your listening experience for every lifestyle. ZaanU headphones for earbuds are built for lasting comfort when you bounce from place to place, travel the world, go for a workout, or simply enjoy your favorite music, shows, and podcasts. So what are the best custom headphones for gaming, traveling, working out… or simply enjoying music: ZaanU.

Can I use ZaanU headphones for travel?

Looking for the best travel headphones? Zaanu headphones are foldable, lightweight, and easy to carry. Cushioned padding provides comfort and blocks noise, making ZaanU the best travel headphones. Our noise blocking headphones reduce exterior sounds so you can enjoy all your favorite tracks, podcasts, and entertainment without distraction on a bus, train, plane, or wherever life takes you.

What are the best custom headphones for working out?

Imagine if you could enjoy a long run or intense workout session without having to constantly keep adjusting your earbuds from falling out. With ZaanU, you can focus on your workout, not on keeping your earbuds on. Insert your earbuds in the chamber of the headphones so that earbuds stay in place while running, biking, walking, or whatever you do to get your heart pumping. 

Do ZaanU headphones prevent hearing damage?

Ever notice how your eardrums hurt when you wear them for too long or increase the volume on your earbuds after a short period of time? It’s because of the intense vibration against your eardrums, which can ultimately damage your hearing. With ZaanU headphones, the earbuds sit just outside the ears to reduce stress on your eardrums, without compromising sound quality.