What exactly are ZaanU Headphones?

If you could have a car that looked like a Porsche or Ferrari, but the engine comes from a Honda or Chevy, would you buy it if it’s at a fraction of the cost?

If you said yes, then our earbud-enhancing headphones might be perfect for you. That’s because we invented a luxury headphone designed to be fashionable, comfortable, and customizable at a fraction of the cost of other luxury headphones. We do this by amplifying and enhancing the free earbuds that come with every smartphone. Simply insert the earbuds inside our patent-pending headphone chamber to create a surround-sound like audio experience! 

What makes you unique?

What differentiates us from other headphones is that we don’t have any speakers in our headphones. Instead, where the speakers would normally be, we designed a patent pending chamber that allows for nearly all earbuds, but specifically Samsung and iPhone dual channel earbuds, to be inserted to create an amazing music experience. This allows us to drastically reduce the cost of the headphones, thus allowing everyone to enjoy a pair of luxury headphones without breaking the bank!


Is that the only thing that makes you different?

Not at all. What truly makes us different is what we refer to as our value proposition: the ability for you to customize your headphones with our interchangeable stainless steel disks. Imagine being able to show your pride for a school, sports team, organization, or whatever you want to personally design. It’s no longer about what brand you wear, rather the brand you want to create!


Are all earbuds compatible?

While most earbuds fit and work inside our headphones, ZaanU headphones are built to work best with the dual channel earbuds provided by Apple and Samsung smartphones. We do this by placing the earbuds at a precise location away from your ears, while capturing the bass channel and amplifying it back into your ears. It’s like listening to a surround-sound headphone!


How do you pronounce ZaanU?

Great question! It’s phonetic for “It’s on You.” It’s because you can determine the look of your headphones while using our headphones. Thus our slogan:

“How you look is on you. How you listen is ZaanU.”