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Artists in all fields are just like us, a startup looking to share their story. We applaud their dreams and want to help promote their crafts. That’s why we feature artists of all kinds and creatives to share their exclusive stories in our “It’s on U” series.

U can change the world simply by telling your story.

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About Zaanu Headphones for Earbuds

ZaanU custom headphones for earbuds let you personalize your style with removable disks of your favorite sports teams and logos, or create your own customized disks. 


Designed by a former Apple engineer, ZaanU head phones for earbuds rival the comfort and quality of luxury brands, without the expensive price tag. 

Our headphones for the earbuds contain a unique chamber that enhances the audio of all cord and wireless earbuds. Simply insert your earbuds and enjoy an amazing surround sound experience.